Tuesday, January 22, 2008

About Us

What is a lifestyle photographer? A lifestyle photographer is one that likes to capture you being uniquely you. We enjoy shooting in natural light settings a couple of hours before sunset. We can go where you like to hang out or we have several outdoor places we like to shoot. But no matter where we decided to go it will be fun for the entire family.

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We are a husband and wife team who love photography. We didn't start out that way. Bob is a pharmacist and Cathy graduated with a degree in medical technology. Cathy started by taking pictures at her chldren's ball games and it all started to snowball as people began asking her to shoot their families, children, and finally weddings. We enjoy having fun at our weddings and want you to have pictures that are like no other. We lilke to be there from the time the bride slips on her dress until the couple ride off into "happily ever after.."

We have added new members to our team- they shoot in the same manner as we do.
We just feel really blessed and overwhelmed to have grown so quickly in the photography business. Going from 1 wedding to 30 weddings in a year has been a massive undertaking and absolutely could not have happened without help from our closest friends. It's way past time to introduce you to the people that we feel so incredibly honored to work with.

Rachel is:
a life saver (she comes home every weekend to get me caught up and
keeps me on track)
someone who loves shooting different angles and lines.
the master at sun flare shots
someone who knows what is needed without anyone having to say it out loud
a competitive photographer who tries to outshoot me and does so regularly
the one who is moving us forward with video fusion YEAH!
a person who has enormous engery and talent.

Amy is:
a passionate photographer
the best multi tasker I've ever met
a peacemaker
a get'er done type of personality
a quick thinker
a problem solver
always smiling
and can tie a bow, corset and bustle, in a New York minute
is so lovable- if you are a bride you will adore her

Angela is:
A ninja photographer. She is able to capture the smallest most intimate moment and you never know she's there.
is our resident master on group posing
is conciousness beyond anything you can imagine
is sweet, gracious, and humble
is an absolute joy to be around

931.433.0964  931.993.7003
48 Liberty Road
Fayetteville, TN 37334