Monday, March 5, 2007

Amanda and Stephen's Engagement

Stephen wasn't too sure about an engagement photo session, he like most of the grooms I run across had rather have their tonails torn out one by one than to have to endure a couple of hours of "stand still and say cheese photography". He was pleasantly surprised by the way we take pictures and even happily admitted that he enjoyed the day we spent together. In fact, most of our grooms love us, we've heard numerous times that it was the groom who whole heartedly recommended us. Our first stop was Amanda's home- the pool house to be exact for a game of pool
C1 056

Next we spent some time at their basketball court. Stephen helped coach a basketball team and Amanda played softball in college
C1 257

88 days- engaged to be married

Next we headed for their town squareC2 318

C2 279
C5 026 copy

And before you knew it our shoot was over, Stephen and Amanda were both happy and hopefully it will a day they can remember and enjoy for many years to come.

C3 044

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