Saturday, March 17, 2007

Melissa and Jesse's Wedding

Jesse and Melissa had a bet: whoever cried first had to give the other a back rub for a week. I'm pretty sure Jesse's going to have to pay up. Have you ever noticed that everyone expects the bride to share some tears, but if the groom gets a little choked up everyone in the audience does too. I was so moved by Jesse's emotion and how he let everyone know how blessed he was to get to share the rest of his life with Melissa. Here he is comtemplating his big day.

One of the reasons I so enjoy wedding photography, besides the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic , is that I am privileged to being there at the most intimate special moments. Here Melissa's dad was praying and asking for blessings for Melissa and Jesse. It was touching.
Jesse and Melissa enjoying a quiet intimate moment after just becoming man and wife.
How special is this, Jesse with his hand in his back pocket while saying his vows.
Awe... I always enjoy seeing how the groom is not accustom to wearing a ring and they spin it round and round. New Life New Beginnings. Thank you Melissa and Jesse, I felt like an honored guest

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