Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nathan and Katie

This was a special engagement session.They were so comfortable in front of the camera. I love this picture with the flowers. Katie is actually a football referee for intramural sports at the University of Alabama. Who would have thought that? I told him that she didn't look "mean" enough to be a ref, and he said- you haven't seen her in action then.


They fit together nicely. I didn't have to arrange them or anything. They just did what was natural for them and it turned out perfect. He would pick her up and twirl her around.
See what I mean? They just enjoyed each others company and pretended that we weren't even around. These shots were probably the best. I love playful people.
I asked Katie at one point if she had any idea how beautiful she was. She smiled and Nathan answered for her. "No, she does know." But Nathan and I Knew what an honor it was to be able to "stare" at her.

All they wanted to do was be near to each other.

X's and O's- They would sneak in hugs and kisses every now and then. I even caught a few of them throughout the day.

Something else new... Sometimes trying new things isn't such a bad thing.


Are there any words that could describe this setting? This couple? or This love? I love it when a groom just spontaniously hugs and kisses his bride

You can try all you wish but you just can't hide the deep conection between these two.

Never follow the trail because you have to. Follow it because it's what your heart tells you to do.

Nathan was fantastic. I didn't ask him to sit down in this water he just did it himself. I can tell he's not going to miss out on a lot in life -he's adventursome.I can see the love washing over the two of you and it almost takes my breath away.

This shot lets me know already that he will be a good husband. A good husband thinks of his love's well-being before her takes care of himself.
-1090 We had such a fun day with Nathan and Katie. They were more than willing to dive on in and get those great shots. I enjoyed every second of this trip and didn't want it to end.



Thanks for the fun session. I can hardly wait for the big day. I know it will be everything you hope for and more.

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