Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brent and Jennifer's Wedding Shoot

Remember Brent and Jennifer's engagement shoot.. well it's about time we wrapped it up and introduced you to their Wedding! Someone made a list so that we wouldn't leave anything out. :)

Seeing each other for the first time, on this day- brought tears and smiles!
-1292 -1309


These two have been together since junior high school. They know just about all there is to know about their likes and dislikes, joys and sorrows, favorites and unfavorites.
Jennifer's dress fit her like a glove. She found it at a small botique on the square in her hometown and her bouquet was gorgeous,perfect for this time of year.

What an interesting car... How great it was to have it in so many pictures. This is how Jennifer arrived at this special location on the big day.
The wedding party in their browns and tans. I love these colors; they are great with the variety of flowers in the bouquets.

This special ring bearer may look familiar.. It's Maddox! Remember him from his sibling shoot earlier...

After those few tears of joy, Jennifer had to check her makeup!
Every Bride needs the perfect pair of shoes! Look's like Jennifer's just happen to be her Red High Heels! This may be a first for us...

The nervous Groom.. He kept a smile the entire time.

Preparation for the big day! Brent's father was the officiant. What a unique way to share this occasion.
This day was truly one that I know Brent and Jennifer will never forget. They were able to share it with many family members and friends. It was very exciting and fun. I hope you enjoy your new life together.

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