Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katie and Jon November 23,2008

Meet Katie and Jon . Jon asked Katie to marry him by taking her on a train ride to Chicago. They spent the day site seeing. While looking out of the huge windows at the Sears Tower, Jon got down on one knee to purpose to Katie.


Their perfectly matched set of green eyes were the first thing Katie and Jon noticed about each other. They would later find out that they had the same dreams, goals and interest.


Walking down the aisle and seeing the man that she wants to be with for the rest of her life is the thing that excites Katie most about her wedding day.

Katie and Jon love doing everything from hiking to kayaking, to working out as long as they are together. They love being outdoors, but Katie laughs as she confesses that they really enjoy cuddling.

Jon smiles when he tells us he really admires Katie's nurturing and gentle spirit. Katie on the other hand tells us that Jon is the most patient and level -headed person she knows. We were most impressed by how attentive Jon was to Katie and how kind and patient Katie was.

Katie and Jon met at church, so naturally God is their strongest bond. Thank you for an amazing time!


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