Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Katie & Nathan's classical day

Weddings are special bonds between two individuals. It is the moment that they give each other their entire lives and everything that is involved with one person is now to be involved with the other. It is when individuals begin to grow together as one. God blesses each marriage with a unique blessing that is strong and true. Just like these rings, marriage is a circle that should not be broken.


An interesting spot for the earrings to belong- looks rather nicely with these amazing flower stems and check out that amazing reflection.

The award for cutest ring bearer goes to this special man. His fiery red hair and freckles made him extra special for this event. He was absolutely adorable.
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Look at the colors in the backgrounds. Sometimes stained class windows aren't very helpful for a photographer but sometimes they work, but when they do- oh do they!


This groom was very proud of his selected groomsmen. They all have a special bond between them. They clean up quite nicely. I had a great time shooting these guys. They all cooperated in the most polite fashion.
The flowers matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. They couldn't have blended any closer if they tried.

We shot this entire ceremony from the balcony, due to the fact that this church had specific rules that there were no cameras allowed during the ceremony. My assistant stayed downstairs and shot through a window in a door and came up with some interesting ideas, as well.

We did an after the wedding shoot with this couple and it was amazing in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. This location is Big Springs Park. It makes some really excellent photos, but when you have a couple that is completly and totally in love like these two, the shots only get better and better.
-2115 -1926


I just love a good happy ending! Thank you for letting me capture the special moments of love in your life Katie & Nathan!

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