Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rachael & Seth's Engagement

Rachael just happens to be the sister to another person on my blog, Amy. I was extremely excited when both sibling decided to use me for their engagement sessions and weddings!
I just can't get enough of these reflection shots.


This couple decided to have part of their engagement session at the Botanical Gardens. A lot of my couples and Brides have really enjoyed having their sessions there.
-1025 -1122 -1012

What are they most excited about regarding their wedding day? The "I Do" and finally being married was their response. Best relationship advice given to this couple? Always communicate! Since Seth is a self-employed farmer, they will have to wait until next summer for their big honeymoon, but they both know that it will be worth it in the end.-1129
Be on the lookout for Rachael and Seth's wedding blog. I know that there are many good things to look forward to with this couple. I can't wait!!!

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