Monday, June 1, 2009

These "Bella" girls know a thing or two about true beauty...

These are the fabulous individuals who operate Bella Salon in Fayetteville, TN. They can work wonders and can always keep you entertained while you are in their presence. They know what true beauty means inside and out. This salon offers many choices for your perfect day at the spa including: Full Service Hair Salon, Massage Therapy, Detox Foot Bath, Skin Care, Waxing, & Manicure & Pedicure! It is the perfect getaway for anytime of the year.I was truly touched when these women wanted me to shoot their pictures because I knew it would be a great shoot, filled with lots of beauty and personality. -6145
Tara is one of the amazing hair stylists- Call today and treat yourself with a one-of-a kind color and cut. It will be She has been one of the stars of our previous shoots. You may remember seeing a shot of her with her darling children not too long ago.

Pat is the excellent, massage therapy specialist and brings relief to many customers. After a hard week of work, why not relax and indulge yourself with a stress-free massage session? It sounds better and better each time I think about it.

Shanna could be any girl's best friend. She gives the best pedicures and manicure in Lincoln County. Ask anyone who has been to her. Her facial sessions would make a perfect gift a birthday, anniversary, or just because.


Tracie, you might recognize her from a very recent shoot. We had an excellent time shooting with her family. She, also, does hair for this superb company. You are always welcomed in her chair, she puts a lot of thought into each snip and tries to give you exactly the look you are going for.


I have heard nothing but wonderful comments when it comes to these individuals. They all are uniquely gifted and specialize in their passion with full-force. They are all talented and shine in their own light.

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