Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brandalyn and John's fairy tale wedding...

Brandalyn and John were super excited to finally become man and wife . John said that riverbend just sort of fell into their laps and he was almost certain that Brandalyn had given up on trying to find a venue for their "fairy tale" wedding. Isn't it a good thing that she didn't give up! We would not have been able to capture their engagement, Brandalyn's Bridal, or their gorgeous wedding!
The next shot just seems so natural for Brandalyn and John. It always makes me smile when a groom feels that it is ok to be seen holding the bouquet, even if the only reason he is doing it is to make his new bride happy.-1288

Of course, we had to spend a little one on one time in order to get this exquisite shot. We all became so excited when the wind finally lifted Brandalyn's veil perfectly.-1233

I think my favorite part is capturing the details and the emotions.
-1026 -1027 -1030-1360-1035 -1023

What a great color combination! The award of Best Bridesmaid goes to this special and helpful lady below. She followed directions perfectly. She is Brandalyn's sister-in-law and Brandalyn is extremely excited to have her in her new family.

-1399 -1419 -1475
The reception was as magical as the ceremony. Love is a truly beautiful thing. It is an event that keeps on going and going. I am so glad that I was able to be there for this time in Brandalyn and John's life.
-1745 -1656
-1667 -1711

Thank you for allowing Gray Photography to celerate your special day with you!

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