Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Reif....

This kid is seriously a rock star and his mom and dad aren't too bad either. I don't know if you remember Reif from an earlier session but if you do you will see he's grown. How about that spiked hair. You know the kids going to rule.

This is Gracie, Reif best friend. They love each other except...

When Reif decides it time to pull her ears.


Reif knows he probably shouldn't be doing his best friend that way, but sometimes you just can't resist temptation.

He's just got it goin' on. Can't you see him in a few years rivving up his motorcyle on his way to see the guys...

but for now we will happily celebrate his first birthday and hope his motocyle days are far in the future.

-1012 -1013

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