Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hannah and Brandon wed

Hannah and Brandon met at Florida college (a private Christian college) followed by Howl O Scream- we both started to work at a Busch Gardens during its halloween time.- dressing up and working in haunted houses.

 Brandon keep a bottle of Pepto beside him at all times. He was such a great sport!

Having friends who love you is one of the best things in life...


This is my kind of wedding- we had time for a quick trip to Sonic!

Brandon watchng his bride walk down the aisle






One last picture to share. One of my faves.

How did Brandon propose? Brandon took her to a 5 star resturant in tampa for my 21st birthday. Then, he proposed on Indian Shores at sunset (local beach in tampa).

The thing Hannah and Brandon are most excited about regarding their wedding is seeing all of our family that they never get to see, since now they no longer live near any of them.

Hannah and Brandon admire each other's character along with each other's comedy. They love to laugh together. They also care for each other on a spiritual level along with physical and emotional.

A word of wisdom was given to this couple from a friend- "ive been married for 25 years and the day i married her, i told her - i WILL be making the big decisions.- its been 25 years and there hasn't been a big decision to come up yet that i needed to make."

For their honeymoon they will be going to the Smokey Mountains. white water rafting, and six flags.

I LOOOOOOVE MY PICTURES. they are more amazing than i ever imagined!!! thank u so much ! Hannah

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