Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ashley + Josh = Love

Ashley & Josh are getting married & we can't wait!

Read below to find out how he proposed and to see special shots from our engagement session with these two!


What was your first impression of each other?

Josh- Ashley was overwhelming in more ways thatn one, her personality, spirit, and beauty.

Ashley- He was pretty shy at first but there was a mystery about him that I wanted to explore and get to know further.


How did he pop the question?

Josh took Ashley to Madrid, Spain last spring. He has spent the summer studying abroad in Spain and had fallen in love with the country. They went to El Retiro, a historical park. After several attempts to stop and take a break from Ashley, Josh finally allowed her to sit on a certain bench. There Josh told her that he loved her and proceeded to get on one knee...



What would you say is each other's best quality?

Josh- Ashley has an amazing ability to become friends with everyone in a room full of strangers. She can make anyone feel comfortable and at ease, no matter the situation.

Ashley- Josh is my opposite in almost every way, which makes us fit together so incredibly well. He has a sensitive soul and puts lots of thought into every decision he makes. He wants everything to be perfect for those he cares about.

It's good to have a little fun while you are out! 

Stay tuned for Ashley & Josh's Wedding blog which will be up before we know it! :) Thank you both for the wonderful afternoon together.

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