Sunday, July 25, 2010

Laura and Jonathan's Engagement

They had always known of each other through tennis since Laura played in high school, but Jonathan didn't get the chance to introduce himself. Laura finally broke the ice by asking him to play tennis through Facebook. Things fell into place from there.. After Jonathan passed his bar exam, they decided it was time to get ready to spend the rest of their lives together. While in Tunica celebrating his passing the bar, his birthday, and tax season being over, he proposed!
For the love of tennis...
While Jonathan's smile captured Laura's heart first, his first impression was, "Wow she's pretty, but I wonder if she can actually play tennis?"
Now it's their number one activity together!
Since Jonathan's a lawyer and Laura's an accountant, we couldn't resist capturing some shots at a lawyer's office.

The best marriage advice that they've been given so far and are going to try to live by is to not be so caught up with making money than you forget to leave time for one another each day..

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