Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ashley & Matt's Engagement - "Trust Each Other With Anything..secrets, heart, and life"

They have known each other since Memorial Day weekend of 2008 at the river and have been inseparable ever since.

On a getaway weekend to his family cabin in Minor Hill, TN, he told her this "story" of how him and his friend had a bet to see who could make the sweetest gift for their girlfriend. I think it would be safe to say Matt won: He comes in with a scrapbook of pictures of them, ticket stubs, cards and notes...and on the very last page he had typed lyrics to That's What You Get by Brooks and Dunn and taped her ring to the bottom of the page..Can you say creative? I give big ammends to Matt for his creativity and special love for his soon-to-be wife!

Ashley Matt

Ashley Matt

You can tell they deeply admire one another.

Matt tells us that it is her patience that draws him in.

While Ashley says "I know that I can trust him with anything...secrets, my heart and my life.
I know that he would do anything to protect me."

Ashley Matt

Ashley Matt

Thank you both for letting us document this special time in your lives.

We can't wait to shoot your wedding!

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