Monday, September 27, 2010

On the Family Farm with DeWayna and Phil

DeWayna and Phil
   I could have photographed these two all day. We had the most beautiful setting in the country and scenery like this makes me proud that I live in Tennessee. It was nice to feel and see that fall was just around the corner. Phil and DeWayna were just back from a 5 day Team Penning Event in Mississippi, where Phil was sporting a great big belt buckle from his winnings. The thing that impressed me most was that I know they were exhausted, but they seemed to have all the energy and patience for pictures in the world. Phil's mother and father were there and so were his grandparents which was especially sweet. Phil's mom ran all over the place getting us what we needed. DeWayna was all smiles all day and Phil was just glad to be with DeWayna. I am so blessed to have the brides (and grooms) that I do. Sometimes, I just can't believe I get to do this and meet all these amazing people! Can't wait for your day!
PS- I told DeWayna she should live in that little black dress -she was smokin' hot!


150 red fence

215 rock

183 picket fence

123 barn

003 horse




038 door

259 cem

316 cabin

328 legs

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