Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shelby 's Family

This is one of my favorite families in the whole world! They are just astonishing. Shelby and Dana
are the best floral artists ever. They spent all night and day decorating and working on my daughter’s wedding and making it a dream come true. I can’t describe how blown away I was by the sight of  it . They love their job and if you need flowers –they are the ones! Beautiful and elegant just begins to describe their work. Shelby’s family includes, much loved bride and groom, Stephanie and Russ. If you come over to my home to talk about your wedding, I most likely will show you a slideshow of when Russ saw Stephanie for the first time on their wedding day. I still cry every time I see it!!! Love you guys.



Sloan Flying



Poor Sloan was a little sick the day of the shoot, but she is still beautiful with those great big tears.

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