Thursday, January 13, 2011

DeWayna and Phil's Wedding

It was really hard narrowing down which pictures to choose...DeWayna and Phil were the perfect bride and groom.  The entire day was perfect......from the first moment to the very end.

The absolute teeniest tiniest waist ever....

REFLECTION....soon to be a MRS.

These were the most creative favors.....we were even able to snag one for ourselves to keep for good luck!!!

For those of you wanting to plan a fall wedding please remember that painted pumpkins are a great way to decorate.  A huge round of applause to the ones that did all the designing and decorating for this wedding.  There were many hours spent making sure each detail was perfect and it truly showed. 

Phil was so thoughtful and sweet to DeWayna during the entire day.  We spent quite a bit of time traveling around the town taking shots and he told me once during the afternoon that he needed to make sure she ate something.  Sure enough.....he brought her something to eat.  He is going to take good care of this girl and make a great husband!  We had the opportunity to meet several generations during the engagement shoot and the wedding day wonder he was so considerate.  He has a legacy of upbringing that taught him this.

Capturing spontaneous moments like this is what makes us love our job! 


THE FAIRGROUNDS.....this is where it all began in 1995.  DeWayna was crowned Little Miss Fairest of the Fair and she had the opportunity to present a horse blanket to Phil's family after a harness race.  We saw a picture of this at the reception and they were the smallest little things, but God had a plan and it was for the year 2010. 



This is my personal favorite and makes me smile....but to tell the truth I smiled most of the day!  Thank you for letting Gray Photography spend this wonderful wedding day with you and all of your friends and family!!!

Wedding cake with their own farm brand....


This picture makes me incredibly happy....true emotion at its best....and it is called HAPPINESS!



What an awesome way to leave the squealing and smoke!!!!

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