Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kevin & Kim's Wedding

Hmm.. did someone say a country wedding? It's fitting since these two enjoy spending time in the stables and riding horses. These have to be the most perfect pair of cow "girl" boots that I have ever seen! Kim did an amazing job of picking out the perfect dress, shoes, and wedding theme.
As programs, this couple handed out tiny newspapers that was filled with every detail of their engagement, wedding, and future plans.
I don't know if I am supposed to tell, but the only way that Kim would let Kevin get out of writing his own vows was if he would write her a special letter that she would never forget. I wasn't aware of what was actually going on until I glanced over and saw Kim crying... It was so touching!
She read the letter while her bridesmaids busily worked to lace her into her dress. 
This is the first dress that I've seen that has been "one-shoulder"- I really love the way it fit her!

Kevin is actually a photgrapher- it made me a little nervous to think that I might miss something about his special day. It was fun talking to him, getting his input on some pictures, and just celebrating their wedding day.


What kind of photographers would we be if we didn't take a break and let these two go play in the weeds?
Sometimes the best things in life are the thimes that make your heart skip a beat.


As a guest book, this creative couple found a polaroid camera. It was so special for the three of us to get to have our picture taken and posted for once.

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