Friday, August 5, 2011

Covered Wagon Wedding...

Hot pink, turquoise blue, golden orange and so much color came along with this wedding decor that I could not hardly control myself from photographing every single detail of this wedding. This bride was lucky enough to have a massive amount of friends and family more than ready to go out of their way to make this wedding extra special. Every detail was specifically planned down to the UT colored flowers that decorated the cake.

sarah 2
Much of the details from this wedding were brought all the way from the state of Texas. I absolutely adored the fact that there was a variety of cobblers available at the reception. It fit in perfectly with the southern country, rustic style. The tables were made out of  "saw-horses" and the tent and covered wagon were completely authentic.
sarah 3
Sarah had a gorgeous group of ladies to assist her every need, each one of them as individual as the bouquet that they held as they walked down the aisle. Friendship runs deep in the heart of these special girls and they know how important it is to be able to share this event and be apart of the memories forever.
 sarah 1
Sarah recorded a song ahead of time and had it played as she walked down the aisle with her sister. Adam could not help but tear up when he heard it! I felt like I was in the midst of a special moment where only the two of them existed. It was a moment of wonder as they eventually joined hands, hearts, and souls on this extraordinary day.
sarah 6

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