Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Andy + Lauren Wedding Fayetteville Tennessee

I am so sweet on Lauren. She just made my job so easy. There were so many beautiful details and emotions to capture. I think alot of brides may not give thought to where they are getting ready and sometimes we may end up in a room that has no light or the nursery in the church. Not that a nursery in a church is bad it is just that it might not be the best location for beautiful bridal pictures. Lauren thought ahead and ask a friend who had a historic home on Mulberry if the girls could get dressed there. The friend was more than happy to share her home with the bridal party. I loved that Lauren had her grandfather's purple heart and had thought to embroider a hanky for her mom and monogram her wedding dress. Untitled-4details Untitled-1bridal Lauren chose to see Andy before the wedding so that they could go straight to the reception without having to wait. You can see their first look below. We had to tease Andy just a little bit because he hadn't had time to wrap his wedding present to Lauren. But hey, I think he gets points for just having a wedding day present! Lauren also presented him with the most unique gift. They were cuff links that had tiny maps of where they had met and where they were going to live. I LOVED them! See pinterest for a how to on this one. Untitled-1 special moments Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-4

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