Thursday, November 20, 2014

Amy+Troy wedding

What an honor to take part in this day! Sometimes I can't believe that we get to be with the family on such an important day! I never take it for granted. The best part of this wedding to me was the fact that Amy wore the same dress as her mom and grandmother and aunt wore! They all were stunning! Thank you Hamilton Family for allowing us to be a part of your day. What an amazing family you have! 2014-11-19_0001 2014-11-19_0002 2014-11-19_0003 2014-11-19_0004 2014-11-19_0005 2014-11-19_0006 2014-11-19_0007 2014-11-19_0008 2014-11-19_0009 2014-11-19_0010