Monday, September 3, 2007

Brad and Lindsey's Wedding

Lindsey's parents owned a small rural "quickstop" at the edge of town. Every day during the summer months, big football jock, Brad and his dad would show up to buy a sandwich for lunch. Lindsey being 5 years younger always slipped into the back when Brad walked in in order to avoid waiting on him. As soon as Brad headed out to the car Lindsey would pop out and talk to his Dad telling him how cute she thought Brad was. As soon as Brad broke up with his girlfriend, he opened
his eyes to the gorgeous red head who already had eyes for him. I enjoy trying to capture the old fashion cameo pictures.
Here's a slideshow of Lindsey's bridal with me...

Here is one of Lindsey's bridesmaid

Here is Lindsey. Her hair was amazing beautiful.

I just love capturing pictures of the makeup artist tools

Lindsey and Brad had their wedding at Riverbend Farm in Fayetteville, Tennesse. Their flower
arrangements were really quite spectacular. I have never seen brightly colored cellophane tissue used in flower arrangment, but I really liked it.

Even though it was 100 plus degrees outside, the wedding party agreed to go outside for a quick shoot

Some clowning around by one of ushers...

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