Friday, June 13, 2008

Trying out a new camera-Rachel's Session

This may have been a not so good idea: I decided to have the brilliant idea to rent a camera and try it out for a week. As soon as it came in my assistant and I had to go try it out. I told her that we could absolutely not love this camera. We are perfectly fine with the ones we have and we just can not fall in love with it. Now we may have a problem- Christmas may come a little early for us. It is yet to be decided, We are going later on today to try it out again. But here is a little of what we came up with yesterday.

those few shots turned into a roadtrip and a lot of shots. I just couldn't stop.

Yeah I would have to say that it is a pretty amazing camera. I haven't even figured out how to properly focus it yet. I am still thinking it was a bad idea to rent it. My husband and lighting guy, Bob knows that it was. It would take a lot of begging for him to break down and get this for us.
my assistant... doing what she does best. Assisting Me...

This is my assistant, Rachel, doing what she does best- Assisting me by stepping out for a few quick shots of herself. You would not believe that this was taken in my backyard. It looks so exotic and exciting.
I was trying out a new camera and she was as excited as I was. She volunteered for a few shots.

We may or may not get it, but I'm sure that we will have an exciting week with it either way. I really wonder how much begging it is going to take? We better start now!

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