Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Anne Marie and Ken's Wedding

Isn't this amazing. I noticed it right off the bat and I knew exactly how I wanted to arrange this shot.

Anne Marie had seven beautiful flower girls. They each had carried themselves in such a poetic manner. They all loved to sit next to Anne Marie and smile for the camera.
Anne marie flower girls collage 2

A bridesmaid graciously helping Anne Marie out the doors of the church. Everyone tried their best to keep her as comfortable as possible since it was her very special day.

The lucky groom-to-be. He looks very excited about this big day.

His mother helped him in so many ways. Like all mothers all she really wants is for her son to be happy.

What a beautiful place to exchange vows... I love the stained glass. It seems to add so much character to the room.

This wedding was very inspirational. The guests were so very encouraging. The wedding was full of recreated events from Anne Marie's past. The lucky bride and groom drove off in her parent's limo. They also had the car that Anne Marie was brought home from the hospital in. The friends in the shot below gave the couple a bottle of champagne as a gift.

Annemarie <span class=

This wedding was unique in so many ways. There was no photography allowed in the chapel during the wedding so I had to do all of my ceremony shots through this doorway. It was a bit different but I am always up for a challenge.


Thank you Anne Marie and Ken for letting us be apart of your engagement, rehersal dinner, and wedding. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it.