Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rebecca & Chris's Engagement Session

Rebecca and Chris will be walking down the aisle before we know it. They were such a fun couple to shoot. Chris and Rebecca actually were introduced by Rebecca's brother.
They enjoyed being around each other so much that they always had a smile on their faces.

Sometimes you just need to hang your feet over the edge and think really hard before you actually take that jump. I believe they have thought about it and are pretty certain about their decisions to be together/

Rebecca had the most beautiful skin that I believe I've ever seen. It was practically flawless and her eyes sparkled in the afternoon light.
Looks like I caught a sun-flare. I love it when that happens. Sometime you can try all day and never get the perfect one and then at other times that are completely unexpected.

This was a very nice dip. They only had to try it out once. Usually, my couples need a little bit of practice but not these two.
I love the stalks of grain. It will not be around much longer because it is almost ready to be harvested. Lucky for this couple it's still there...
A quiet kiss...


His true personality came out as soon as he climbed on his four wheeler.

We had so much fun with this shoot. I've never shot with four-wheelers before.

You can't have a romantic evening without getting a little mud on the tires.
Don't forget to be on the lookout for their wedding blog in the near future.