Wednesday, July 2, 2008

April & Stephen's Wedding

April and Stephen's wedding has finally arrived and we all were very excited to shoot it. They had a traditional church wedding that was absolutely beautiful. I knew this would be an exciting evening because of the fun time we had on their engagement shoot.

He is the most pure example of a gentleman that I have ever been introduced to. I feel like this shot explains it all.

Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man... and more than one is even better.

His smile can make you forget all your worries.

She was a fairly calm bride. Her only concern was not letting her future groom see her before the ceremony.

We thought it would be fun to let the girls stand on the dock and catch some sun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it even though they were a tad bit uneasy with the swaying dock. They didn't feel to comfortable either with their heels getting stuck in between the loose boards. It was so worth it though.


Innocent smiles of an excited bride and a cheerful flower girl

It may be all about the dress and the shoes but no outfit is complete without a strand of pearls.

Ring bearer on the run... I'm surprised we caught him in action. He was determined to make it down the aisle before anyone else.

A toast to a long and happy life with each other.
This was probably the best reception. Everyone danced no matter what their age happened to be. It was so much fun... I don't think the groom really wanted to leave.
How wonderful it is to see that this group really knew how to kick back and dance themselves right out of their shoes.

They picked an excellent DJ, the lights that he had set up made some of the most interesting shots. I caught my assistant trying out all the different settings on her camera just to see what might possibly happen. I was quite suprised with how some of them turned out.
I love the shadows. In my opinion this is extremely romantic and I am so glad that I caught it.

There wasn't an empty spot on the dance floor from the moment the guest arrived until the second they lit the sparklers.

I hope you have an excellent life together and make many memories along the way. Thanks for choosing Gray Photography to capture the love on your wedding day. We really enjoyed it and we hope that it was everything you dreamed of and more.

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