Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Brooke's Model Shoot

This isn't the first time that Brooke's been our subject. She willingly went along with us to test out a new location and to give us some extra practice. We gladly agreed to take her out again for her very own model session. She was recently accepted into a modeling program and needed a few portfolio shots. edit ( Brooke has been quite busy lately with lots of great upcoming projects. We're so proud of you Brooke!)-1061-Edit

She already has the sweet look down without any effort. That is just her natural personality.

We decided to add a little southern stlye and see what we could come up with.
-1154-Edit contr copy
would you believe this was her first time in a creek? Me neither- but it was.

She seems alright with the semi-cold water. It didn't even seem to phase her. She was just out to get those great shots that take a little extra time and energy.
This is going to be tough for her dad to see... It's hard when you realize that your little girl is all grown up and you didn't even know it.


Another new spot. She seems to be holding her own very nicely.
We couldn't help ourselves. We had to mix it up a little bit.
We were very proud of Will. He did an excellent job considering it was his first time as a stand in. There may be a chance that we do a session with him again.

No, they aren't dating but they seem to be very comfortable being close in this shot.
I'm sure everyone involved in this session had a fun time. It was also a great learning experience. I have decided that I really enjoy models and I look forward to shooting more of them in the near-future. Thanks Brooke- it was a great evening and I hope you had as muc fun with this session as I did.

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