Monday, September 15, 2008

Brooke's latest session

Brooke needed some executive and seasonal shots for her modeling portifolio. She is doing very well in her modeling career. I'm very proud of the hard work and determination that she shows during every session. She has put many hours into this adventure and still has many more to go but she always has that smiling face and that's definately what it takes. -1286
It's hard to even notice the brilliant piece of art in the background when Brooke is the star of the shoot.

We needed a few indoor shots. This is actually in a local lawyers office. She seems to fit right in. Maybe she should consider a career as a lawyer :)
Or maybe a secretary..
Or possibly a librarian...

She has so many versitle styles that it would be hard to place her in one category. She just seems to have it all. That's what it takes in the modeling business.

Check out her myspace to learn a little more about the types of modeling that Brooke performs: it goes into more detail about brooks aspirations as far as her modeling career.
Brooke is passionate, resourceful,and very serious about her goals.I love her intellegent eyes. Can't wait for our next shoot which will be coming up soon.

Thanks again Brooke for letting us joing you in this experience. Aren't you glad Rachel talked you into being her subject on her first photo shoot.. Did you ever guess that you would be taking it to this level? Remember her when you are a big time model and have thousands of photographers wanting to shoot you.

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