Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rebecca and Chris's Happily Ever After...

This blog is for Rebecca and Chris... their wedding was everything that anyone could have ever dreamed of and more. I enjoyed photographing the brilliant colors that were incorporated into their wedding. It was as close to perfect as they come.
Just the Two of Us did the flowers and they were magnificent. I love working with Shelby Bailey the owner,and would recommend you checking out her website or just give her a call @ 1.256.829.0213

Nothing was going to dampen Rebecca's spirits on this special day. She has dreamed of it her entire life.
This group was very interesting. We had to watch them closely. They had a sort of wild side about them.
See what happens when you take your eyes off them for only a couple of minutes... Not a bad looking bunch. This is what happens in the South when it's 100 degrees! How much fun where they!
This groomsman may have been the hardest to direct. I let him take a couple of shots because of his good behavior. He deserved it.
After we were done playing in the streets, Rebecca finally got to see her future husband. She was so overwhelmed and Chris was amazed by how beautiful she looked; he could hardly contain himself.

A quiet moment together before the big event. They had a chance to get their wedding jitters out of the way before hand. This really is a great way to take some amazing shots and still have a little bit of time to relax before the actual ceremony.

A special thanks to Rebecca's mother for helping out with every last minute detail and for all her words of encouragement throughout the process.
I loved Chris' mom. What a fun individual! She has to get the blue ribbon for the best
dancing we have seen so far. I had to encourage her a little to get out on the dance floor but
when she did she was beautiful and exciting !

Looks like Chris has already made a mistake. I think this is going to work out well for these two. Looks like we know who is going to wear the pants in this relationship :)
I loved spending this wonderful day with you two. I know it was a day that you will never forget and neither will I. Congrats on starting your new life together. I wish you the best.

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