Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amy and Jimmy Destination Wedding...

What an amazing wedding! Bob and I drove to Kansas City for the best wedding. Amy is just beautiful. I have to say that her dress was my most favorite this year. She's quiet spoken but has an adventurous. She climbs moutains, travels, rides horses, fishes, played college


The Boys....
After a beautiful ceremony. We headed for an art museum in Kansas. I had asked permission to go inside to shoot the wedding party the day before and was assured it would be no problem, I could hardly sleep the night before, because I so excited about the possiblies of a bride and groom in this beautiful museum. As it turned out, they wouldn't let us go in. Misunderstanding they said. I was disappointed to say the least, but they did allow us to shoot on the grounds.



After the wedding, Waiting to drive the bridal party to different locations was a coolest limo bus.


Amy and Jimmy first met at Badmittion Class in college. So a picture in front of the birdie was a must.

One crazy wedding party. Loved the bridesmaids dresses


Train Station


They had the most beautiful Reception Hall

Bianca, Jimmy's sister, ask everyone to design a square for a quilt for Amy and Jimmy.


This was the BEST entrance ever They were announced to a sports theme.


-1900 -1907

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