Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jenny and Matt's Wedding and the showers of blessings

Jenny and Matt's wedding color was green. These yummy gum balls were a perfect place to hide the rings. Maybe that's why they couldn't find them later when the ceremony took place. Shhh... don't tell them I had them. -1002
Jenny is the director of compliance in a college athletic department, and Matt is a basketball coach in the same college. While he waited for the ceremony to start, he talked to his groomsmen about recruiting. Jenny's eyes are almost the same color as her bridesmaid's dresses. Aren't they just beautiful!

-1004 -1005
A bridesmaid dress, a bridal gown, and a flower girl dress all waiting to be worn. Waiting for the big moment. Waiting for their chances to shine just like the individuals that will soon wear them.



The winner of best bridesmaid for this special event goes to this patient and caring lady. She was willing to help at a moments notice and you can tell that she really cares about her friend's happiness on her big day. Her eyes were dazzling as the catch-lights bounced around in them.


I enjoyed shooting this bunch of guys. They were all friendly. I love the clouds here, we barely got in before the rain started to pour. This bridal party did not let a little rain stand in the way of their big day- it was nothing but showers of blessings and happiness for this couple.


Someone forgot to grab the rings on the way down the stairs, but it was no big deal. They brushed it off with smiles and laughter.

I love any DJ who brings lights. They make for truely interesting shots.

Someone accidentally spilled a drink or two. Who cares? Just mop it up, and take it to the next level with a little limbo action. What a fun way to spice up the night.


This group had a fun time, dancing and playing all through the night. I had a fabulous time. Jenny and Matt's wedding will always be a memory that I keep close to my heart.

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