Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lorin and Adam's Karaoke Wedding Extravaganza

Lorin and Adam were previously on our blog for a special engagement shoot. We all knew their wedding was soon to follow. This is Lorin on her big day, anxiously awaiting her guests. She was a tad bit nervous, but you won't be able to tell it from these shots.
reflection as the bride watches her guests arrive
She had an impressive group of bridesmaids who were there to support her every through the entire day.
awaiting the moment
The bridsmaid award from this ceremony goes to Candice. She was one of the most helpful bridesmaids that I have ever had the priviledge of working with. She works with Lorin and they have shared many moments together.
Puttin on the Garterthe most helpful bridesmaid
This wedding party was tickled pink of the announcement of their friends' wedding ceremony!
the wedding party all dressed in pink

These groomsmen were quite the characters. Lorin asked them to go get her "spanks" and of course they had no clue what she was talking about. Later on they all had a big laugh and Lorin evenutally got what she needed. They were willing to attempt whatever Lorin asked them to do, just so that she could stay happy and stress free.
humor on the big day

I believe Adam was as excited, if not more excited than Lorin.
love is in the air smiling groom
Adam whispers something for Lorin's ears only. I was not brave enough to ask what he said. Whatever it was- it sure did put a smile on Lorin's face.
Whispers of sweet nothings

Lorin's Aunt made the flowers. She did a fabulous job. I love how well pink and green compliment each other.
flowers made by a very proud aunt

It's a Tennessee thing, you wouldn't understand.
Go Vols!

tickled pink about the wedding!

This was an extremly fun wedding to shoot. Everyone loved to karaoke and have an all around good time. I managed to catch the bridesmaids singing and it made me smile inside.
karaoke bridesmaids!

A groomsman was jealous that he didn't get a shoe shot, so I had to invite him in for a quick one. I told you they were very humorous.
shoes and the groomsman that snuck in

Thank you Lorin and Adam for allowing me to document your special day. It was my first karaoke wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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