Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yuliana & Lance's Happily Ever After...

Yuliana and Lance's wedding was not very traditional. They met at college and fell in love. There's a saying at their college, because of the vast amount of swings spread through the campus grounds, three swings and a ring! Looks like that's just what happened. Swing with someone three times and then you get a ring.


Oh how I do love those tricky reflection shots! This is Lance and his mom's reflection on the new pocket watch that she and his father decided to give him on this very important day in his life.-1138

Yuliana and Lance both have large families and both have amazing characteristics. I feel that this combination will give them many days of laughter and joy.



A nervous dad tries to pull his daughter out of the way before the bouquet toss... It didn't work. She ended up catching it anyway. How funny!



Yuliana's brother is a photographer. He took her to Lance's family saw mill to get some really interesting bridal pictures. They were place at the entrance of the wedding for everyone to see. They were very beautiful.

The award for the most creative groom's cake goes to...
Lance and Yuliana's ceremony was spoken in English and Spanish. It was very touching and beautiful. I enjoyed every second, every word- even the one's in Spanish that I couldn't completely understand.

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