Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amy and Wade's Engagement!

I recently shot Amy and Wade, they met at work and felt the love right from the start. I asked them what was the most romantic thing that they have done together- Amy responded that any day can be romantic with Wade because he can turn a simple chore like working in the yard into something romantic. The best relationship advice that they have been given so far is to put God first. -1041
I love this shot. It looks like something right out of The Notebook. Wade proposed in an interesting way, on Christmas Day, the ring just happened to be in Amy's stocking and yes he got down on one knee.
This couple makes the word classy come to my mind. I don't know what it was that made them seem so relaxed while on this shoot but it really worked. They focused on each other entirely and it really shows. The thing that excites them the most about their wedding day is the simple fact that it is coming together smoothly. Amy says she can't wait to have Wade see her in her dress and she is extremely excited about having her daddy walk her down the aisle.

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