Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adrienne and Daniel's Engagement

Put this on your list of things to bring to an engagement session- Muscle Car! Look how awesome these shots turned out. Daniel just happened to know the right person that allowed us to use his 1967 Chevelle for this special session! I must say, I do love how these pictures turned out.

You can never go wrong with a shiny bright red car in your shot!

I could tell that Adrienne and Daniel really cared for each other because they gave subtle hints throughout the shoot. They would hold hands even when they thought the cameras weren't on, shared stories about their relationship with us, and also smiled and talked to each other the entire shoot.
-1053 -1060

This couple pulled this off perfectly. I love the shapes, lines, and colors in this shot.

Don't forget to be on the look out for Adrienne's bridal session! It will be coming up before we know it!

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