Monday, July 6, 2009

Anna Marlea and Family!

Anna Marlea was the best baby. She only fussed one time, and that was because I asked her daddy to put her on his shoulders. She didn't like that too much, but once she got down- she was fine again! He parents really love her and it shows. Her dad often would tell her mom to "watch her" and "don't let her get too close to that"- I love it when dad's are protective of his little girls!-1050
She played and smiled the entire time. The sun bounced off her hair in a couple of shots.
-1009 -1024 -1055

She loved my red chair more than my brides do, I think! She even cleaned it off when little specks of grass tried to stick to it! It is so much more fun when a child has an independent personality and that is the perfect way to describe Anna Marlea.
-1061 -1065

If you look close enough you can see her little toenails are painted! I'm not sure if I know too many children who would sit still long enough to have their toes painted.

This family is going to grow and learn together in harmony. I think they are going to be wonderful parents! A very special thank you to the Walker family for letting me shoot your session. It was a lot of fun and I'm sure you will love these shots as much as I do!-1052

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