Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jennifer and Kendall's Wedding

This is Jennifer and Kendall on their amazing wedding day. This day was filled with lots of joy. The next shot is probably my favorite sun flare ever.

The clouds were as close to perfect as I have seen and doesn't Jennifer look beautiful, absolutely stunning.
This was a fantastic wedding party- These boys really knew how to make me laugh. I told them to walk through the field and one of them got the bright idea to yell- "run". I got some really great shots and from now on all my bridal parties are going to have to give me a quick run before I take anymore pictures.
-1090 -1548
These hot pink flowers were beautiful. My husband and I actually shot this wedding on our own wedding anniversary. Jennifer gave us a huge bouquet of these beautiful roses as we were leaving as a gift. She was so considerate to think of us.
-1464 -1203 -1183 -1246
Don't you love the little details?
-1076 -1133 -1662
-1044 -1023
Our first ever, special moments with the parents of the bride instead of the groom! How cute did this turn out! Look at those creative bridesmaids hiding their special bride with their bouquets.

The reception was so much fun. Kendall was quite the jokester. He may have had a little too much fun trying to get the garter. Looks like Jennifer was pretty embarrassed. Oh and another thing that you should add to a list of things to bring to a wedding- Bubbles!
-1699 -1697
-1008-1003-1012 -1010
Thank you Jennifer and Kendall for inviting us to your wedding. It was beautiful and your vows were so unique- I hope you honor and cherish them always.

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