Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jewel and Brian's Engagement

This is Jewel and Brian during their engagement session. They both were good sports, and I really loved tagging along after them on this day. We ended up with some really great shots. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!


We had to stop by this field on our way. I only wish their had been a few more clouds. Don't you love it when a guy picks his girl up. It makes the shot seem more natural. A lot of times that's exactly what I tell people... "Just act natural- do what you want to do!"
-1074 -1039

We asked this couple what was the most romantic thing that they had ever done. Their response was, "Just watching the sunset in Mexico and Belize!" The thing that they are most excited about regarding their wedding is, "Getting to share that day with their friends and family and of course the honeymoon even though they haven't quite decided where they are going yet!"
-1005 -1023

I haven't been to the waterfall much this year. It was nice to go back!
Thank you for letting me photograph the love in you life!

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