Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lindsey and Chris's Wedding!

Chris and Lindsey had a traditional wedding after they had a nontraditional one. Chris is in the military and ended up being sent overseas. They got married before he left, but Lindsey got the wedding of her dreams just as soon as it was possible. It was a touching ceremony with lots of special little details. It was very unique and I enjoyed every bit of it!

-1016 -1012-1707
-1296 -1502

Classic bridesmaids!
I love groomsmen with a sense of humor! I told them that this lion would get them all dirty but that was no stopping these guys.

Best caketoppers by far... This is actually how Chris and Lindsey met. They were somewhere and he gave her a hand up to the next level, and they have been together ever since.

-1721 -1718 -1717

Lindsey's mom wasn't able to make it to the ceremony, but that didn't stop her from seeing it all!
She watched the entire thing via internet. A sweet brides-maid held the webcam throughout the ceremony and she probably ended up having the best view of all. Lindsey even showed her mom the entire reception and many guest walked over to say hello to the computer. It was rather touching.
-1775 -1706

Here's a few bride and groom shots that you might enjoy!
-1481 -1426 -1359


Thank You Lindsey and Chris for letting me capture this sweet moment in your life. After the wedding, I received the sweetest email from Lindsey's mom. She loved the pictures and the slide show made her feel like she was right there throught the entire wedding. This makes me so happy to know that we have captured and showed a precious moment in the life of this family. It was so nice to hear that we were appreciated.

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