Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brandalyn's Bridal Session

Brandalyn chose to spend the afternoon with us at the Botanical Gardens in order to shoot her bridal session. I'm glad she did. I'm really pleased with the shots that we were able to catch! Thank you Brandalyn for allowing us to capture these shots for your bridal. I hope you are pleased. Keep checking my blog for Brandalyn and John's Wedding.. It will be up before we know it.-1121

She looked stunning with these flowers. She even said that she has some planted at her house. I love the variety and colors in this shot. They really are amazing.
We stopped to have a little fun with the reflection pool. It was pretty hot this day. If Brandy had been in anything other than her wedding dress, she may have been tempted to stick a foot or two in.
This is something that I have recently learned. Put your subject between you and the sun and you will be able to get this wonderful glow. She really does glow.. It's beautiful and it matches her personality perfectly. She was so bright and cheerful.
Her veil was absolutely perfect. Long and Sheer.. it made for some really great shots. I love it!
-1106 -1100-1112
Thank you Brandalyn- I can't wait to shoot your wedding! I'm sure it will be just as fun as this shoot.

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