Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caroline and Luke's Rehearsal Dinner

I know this is a little out of order, considering that you have already seen Caroline and Luke's wedding blog, but I could not let you skip out on seeing Caroline and Luke's Rehearsal Dinner.
I love how the colors blend together perfectly.
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This is where the rehearsal dinner was held, once they left the church.

Practice makes perfect. They met at the church to practice where each person would stand so that this ceremony would run smoothly.
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Caroline and Luke played a game where they had to take off their shoes and give one to the other person. Then, each of the bridesmaids asked a question like, " Who was a better kisser?" and depending on their individual answers they had to raise the shoe of who they thought fit best with the question. It was a fun way to get their party going after they had practiced the walk down the aisle. Sometimes they would change their answers- and sometimes they would even peak over their shoulders to see what the other was choosing.

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There was a lot of sweet moments at this event. Emotions were captured throughout the entire night.


Let's not forget about the incredible food served...
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