Friday, September 4, 2009

Amy and Wade's Wedding day bliss!

Amy and Wade are two of a kind. They share similar values and beliefs. Wade actually met Amy during a hard time in his life, the loss of his mother, and she helped him in so many ways get through it. This couple have shown amazing characteristics of compassion, respect, and most importantly love. Take a glance at their pictures and see how their wedding day really did turn out to be one of the most touching days that I have ever photographed.


Wade was a very attentive groom. He paid attention to every detail of this day- he did not want to miss one single second.
This was probably the only challenge of the day- trying to capture these special little girls. They were full of energy, and it was at times difficult but they pulled off their job as flower girls quite nicely. Their parents should be proud.

-1535 -1546

We have never hung up a grooms suit next to a bride's dress before. I don't know why? It fits so naturally. Sometimes you have to experiment in order to find out what works the best.


A patient bride, waiting for her big day to finally arrive. She was absolutely stunning.

-1109 -1013

-1030 -1127-1476 -1005

A mother's love for her daughter runs deeper and more pure than any love known.

Sisterly bonds can be stretched at times but never broken.


Love at first site... This couple wanted a special moments ceremony. We love it when the couple chose to see each other before the actual ceremony. It makes the ceremony shots a little less stressful, allows us to capture the bride and groom's first site of each other from all angles, and is a more private, which allows for emotions to really show.

Sometimes happily ever after comes pretty naturally!

This reception was definitely a celebration. It will be one that I will never forget.

-1781 -1785

Wade had to have one last shot with all his fraternity brothers...

What a perfect way to end the day. Thank You Amy and Wade for allowing Gray Photography to capture the love in your life. All our best wishes go out to you and your new life together.

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