Sunday, August 16, 2009

Caroline and Luke's Wedding

Caroline and Luke had an amazing wedding with lots of guests, food, and memories. I know this wedding will be one that I will always remember. They had a traditional church wedding and a fun filled reception immediately following. My entire crew really enjoyed this event. Look below to see more of what this magical day had to offer.



Luke was one of the happiest grooms that I have ever shot. He could hardly take his eyes off of his lovely bride. I guess that was an easy thing to do when you have a bride as lovely as Caroline. -1112

-1201 -1195
-1238 -1151

Details, Details, Details!!!! Don't you just love them!
-1318 -1308 -1012

Caroline as she watches her bridesmaids walk down the aisle- She is so happy to be getting married to Luke on this day she can hardly stand it.

A quiet prayer during the ceremony as Caroline and Luke take one step closer to becoming man and wife.

The food was so deliciously prepared. It looked amazing and I'm sure it tasted fantastic, even though I was too busy trying to capture every possible moment to take a few minutes to taste it.
-1517 -1523-1519 -1513

My favorite part of the wedding was a surprise gift to Caroline- a photobooth so that her guest could have a memorable picture made. It actually printed doubles- one was for the guest to keep, the other went in a personalized book for the happy couple. How neat? I love this idea- it is very original.
-1688 -1546
-1532 -1569

We couldn't let the wedding guests be the only ones having all the fun....

This was by far the best live band that I have ever heard! Amazing vocals by this talented singer. Wow!
-1627 -1806

Thank you Caroline and Luke for allowing us to attend and capture your exciting wedding day!

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