Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emily's Bridal at Cheekwood

Emily is a girl full of beauty and grace. She was so amazing to work with. We shot her wedding last weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. She wanted to have her bridal portraits taken at Cheekwood in Nashville. Since, I love new and different locataions I agreed without hesitation.
Sunflares- this makes her look so astonishing! Emily has a heart of gold and is very compassionate to others. Everyone has something wonderful to say about her at her wedding. She has really made an impact on the lives of others.

This is about as close to a princess-style dress as you can get! Isn't it gorgeous. She willingly posed at various places around this botanical garden. She knew that her bridal portraits were important and wanted to get as many shots as possible.

I do love when my brides take the time to play for the camera! It makes them look more comfortable and brings out more of their personality.
-1042 -1046

I feel that she looks like an Arabian princess in this shot. Can you find a more beautiful bride? She definately has that certain look that can make your heart sing.
-1034 -1011
Thank you Emily- for allowing Gray Photography to photography your bridal portraits and your wedding. I can't wait to get those shots ready for you and up on the blog! Keep looking for them!

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