Monday, August 3, 2009

Jewel's stunning bridal session full of inner and outward beauty!

Finally! I get to post a bridal! I always have amazingly beautiful and talented brides, but lately I have been overwhelmed with bridals. I am so glad that I finally get to post one of the many lovely ladies that I have shot in the past month or so. It is about time that you meet Jewel and her stunning wedding dress that fit her like a glove! I mean what more could a girl ask for. Now, you have seen Jewel's engagement session with her very lucky fiance, but wait till you see this bridal session. You may not believe your eyes...

-1128 -1091
Some of these shots still take my breathe away. Jewel's loving personality drew me closer and closer with each shot. I knew she was going to be a blessing to shoot, but I didn't know how sweet and sincere she was until I actually met her for this shoot.

Head shots- don't you just love that smile. She has a very proud family to support her every step of the way. She is very lucky.
-1101 -1099
-1138 -1136

She was willing to do anything I asked. She even climbed on this very ledge on the side of a mountain. I was a bit nervous, but she was not in the least bit and it makes her pictures that much better.

-1070 -1055 -1124
I feel that her inner beauty shines just as much as her outwards beauty. She even brought her junior bridesmaids along for this session. They looked at her and smiled the entire time. I could tell that they really look up to her and I think that is a smart decision on their part.

An eventful day full of bridal pictures may make you a tad bit tired.

Thank you Jewel for going on the adventure of bridal portraits throughout downtown Huntsville and on Monte Sano Mountain. I had a wonderful time. Your Wedding will be an event that you will never forget!

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