Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You'll never guess what we found while we were waiting to shoot a bridal...

Recently, we traveled to Nashville to shoot a bridal at Cheekwood Botanical Garden. We have never shot here before, so we arrived a little early to get an idea of where we would take our lovely bride. So, my husband and I begin our journey through the gardens, down the trails, and all around this lovely place when suddenly we catch the eyes of a couple of strangers. A young man walks over to us and begins to speak, " Will you please take a picture of us? I just proposed and she said yes!"
Wow, I thought to myself, "how ironic is this?"- Before I have time to even say sure or explain to him that I am a professional photographer, he hands me a camera. "Wait, you have to turn it on. The battery is almost completely dead and you will have to turn it off between shots or it will probably die completely." I look at him and his beautiful new fiance' and I say- "Hold on one second... Let me go get my camera."
-1037 -1021
So off my husband goes to grab my camera out of the car. While he is gone, I explain that I am actually a professional wedding photographer and that I would be more than happy to take some shots and get them to their address. I give them my card and ask that they please contact me later to see if they are ready!
-1028 -1018

I had almost given up on this sweet couple, but last week I received an email. How excited did this make me when I finally got to send them slideshows and a cd with their pictures on it- Very excited!
It was a fantastic way to spend a day. Also, My bridal pictures turned out fantastic. They should be up on here in a week or two. I hope you have a wonderful engagement, wedding, and rest of your lives together. Let me know if there is anything else that you would like for me to do for you guys!

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