Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brian and Amber wedding

It is aways something special when your time and energy gets noticed. Read below to see what one loving bride wrote to us about our work.

Cathy and Bob,

You guys are the best. We had so much fun with you at our wedding. You guys definetly have a gift. I can't imagine the day any other way. We can't wait to see the pictures. Thank you so much for signing our guest book- that meant alot... Please thank Amy for her loving and thoughtful energy that day, and her special prayer. I will remember it always.

God bless- Amber Briggs

Amber Brian wed

What was your first impression of each other?

Brian: My first impression of Amber was that she was very beautiful and someone that I really wanted to get to know better. I noticed that she seemed to have a presence about her that everyone was attracted to. I also was impressed by her ability to be where she was and give whoever she was talking to her full attention. So basically my first impression of Amber was that she was way out of my league- with her beauty, great sense of humor, loving presence and willingness to listen and be helpful wherever she could.

Amber: My first impression of Brian was that he was shy, but once he had me one on one, he was a bit of a talker, and I could tell he was humble and spiritual, but also very smart, and funny and obviously handsome.
Probably my favorite thing that Brian does is talk to me.

Amber Brian wed

How did you meet?

We met through mutual friends. Zac and Christie at game night, who eventually played the role of match makers and are both in the Wedding. If it weren't for Zac pulling out the Webster's Dictionary and defining dating... we probably wouldn't be together. For that we are both very grateful.
Amber Brian wed

How did he propose?

Brian proposed on Christmas Eve under the Christmas tree. It was the last present under the tree, and I wasn’t completely surprised, because Brian had been acting nervous all day and I knew something was up. He can’t keep things from me. Brian asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him and I said “I will” It was very emotional for both of us- We are both in our 30’s and neither have ever been married. It felt like it had been a long journey to find each other. I told Brian I felt like I was finally home and it was definitely the easy question I have ever had to answer.

Amber Brian wed

Amber Brian wed

What is the most romantic thing the two of you have done?

Brian cooked dinner for me. (Which won't be a surprise to anyone- I'm not very handy in the kitchen) We stood out on the deck and watched the stars and talk all night.
Amber Brian wed
What were you most excited about regarding your wedding?

We are most excited about having our friends, family and God all together to share in the ceremony- that will confirm our commitment to one another. We are both very blessed with wonderful people in our lives and are excited to share this moment with them.
Amber Brian wed

What unique & special touches did you have that made your wedding different from anyone else's?

We are having a mutual friend do the wedding ceremony- that is special to both of us. We will also be using a ceremony that Brian and I found together in a prayer book, It isn't traditional but we felt like it put into words everything that we hope that our union will represent.
Amber Brian wed

What was the biggest challenge you had while planning your wedding? How did you over come it? What advice would you give to anyone planning a wedding?

The biggest challenge is not getting overwhelmed by all of the planning and just letting some of the need to control it go. Good communication. Enjoy it and plan as a couple and then delegate jobs to others.
Amber Brian wed
What do you admire most about each other?

Brian: What I admire most about Amber is her walk with God. Not just in the bad or hard times but everyday. As the result of this she has the ability to just take life as it comes and be present in the moment.

Amber: What I admire most about Brian is that he had the heart of service, his honesty, commitment, and willingess and ability to communicate in a gentle loving way. Plus he gets me like no one else does and he's very handsome
Amber Brian wed
What is the best relationship advice you've been given?

Not to keep score! Know that we don’t complete each other. We both have to try to come to the table as complete human beings with 100%.- Which comes from keeping God first. Laugh a lot! - especially at yourself.
Amber Brian wed

What are your honeymoon plans?

We will be spending our wedding night in Atlanta, Ga and flying out the next morning for a week in the Virgin Islands. We will be staying on St. Thomas at Bluebeards Castle. Brian is trying to get Amber on board for Scuba Diving.
Amber Brian wed
Where will the two of you work?

We will both continue working at our current jobs Brian will be at Village Cleaners and Amber will be at Franklin American Mortgage Company
Amber Brian wed
What do you do for fun?

We enjoy making music, eating sushi, working in the yard, bird watching, doing our morning meditation together and hanging out with our friends.
Amber Brian wed
Thank you Amber & Brian for allowing us to witness the love in your life. I had a wonderful time. Your ceremony and reception was a beautiful event!

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