Friday, September 11, 2009

Hannah's Bridal Session

Since the weather was not very cooperative, we decided to take the shoot indoors. This house belongs to a local layer, who graciously let us enter her home to get a few quick shots between the rain clouds.

Hannah is a strong person. She knows what she wants out of life. She will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to do. Some qualities shine through in your everyday demeanor.


A word of wisdom was given to Hannah and her soon to be husband from a friend- "I've been married for 25 years and the day i married her, i told her - i WILL be making the big decisions.- its been 25 years and there hasn't been a big decision to come up yet that i needed to make."

Hannah did a wonderful job keeping a smile throughout the entire shoot, despite the miserable heat. I did not hear one complaint from her throughout the entire day.



Hannah and Brandon's Wedding blog should be up very soon. Stay on the lookout!

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