Monday, October 12, 2009

Jewel and Brian's wedding

On July 25th, Jewel and Brian became man and wife, sealed the deal with a kiss and the best parts of their lives are yet to come. Check out some of the special touches that this couple added to their wedding to make it completely their own. I had a wonderful time on this shoot.

jewerly flowers
ring flowersflowers
Even though Jewel had a bridal session that still couldn't stop me from capturing her beauty and grace. Wow.. it isn't every day that you meet such a precious bride like Jewel.
Great colors, Pink White and Green. Perfect for this lovely bride's style and taste.
_MG_2130-1241 _MG_2361-1269

cakewedding purse
Thought I would try something different and have this group run instead of just walk... I like teh emotions and expressions that really shine through.


Doesn't she just take your breathe away....
This was a pretty fun reception! Lights, Cameras, and lots of dancing action....


I had a blast guys thanks!

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TheGirlSpeaks said...

u took really nice pictures! :)

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